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Plant Shifters

are designed for sorting mill products

from wheat and rye in the milling industry. These Mukul Plan Shifters can also be used for sorting loose products in other industry branches.

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Vibro Separator

is used in pre-cleaning

cleaning and pre-milling unit of flour mills and grain cleaning plants. The body is made of metal sheet.

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Vibro Purifier

consists of two independently working sections.

The main elements of the machine are all metal construction, a common body, two oscillating sieve boxes, two oscillating collecting boxes.

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Our Products

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Mukul Brothers Engineering Works   belong to a well known business family of western
U.P. ( India). The main business was started in 1921 for manufacture of quality wheat products.
Today, more than 80 years later, it is one of the strongest and renowned firm for manufacture of quality wheat products, plant & equipment Roller Mill Machinery,Importers and exporters with a strong financial background and reputed for fair business dealings.

  • Trustee in Bharat Institute of Technology (Meerut).
  • Having a flour mill of 150 Metric tones per day in the name of M/s. Kishan Flour Mill, situated on railway road, Meerut.
  • Ex-President of Lions Club, Meerut in the year 97-98 and the Lion district P.R.O. (Public relation Officer) 95-96 in the District.
  • Being a member of the Executive Committee of the reputed club of Meerut Alexander Athletic Club.
  • He is the Life Member of D.N.Degree college, Ismail Degree college, Jain Vardhman Academy, Rishabh Academy, Meerut.
  • A renowned person of Meerut, and a kind Social Worker.